Where can I sell my wine

Frequently Asked Questions — "How do I Sell My Wine Collection?"

There are several other companies that purchase private wine cellars, why should I sell my wine collection to Veritas Wine Buyers?

What wine do you buy?
We buy wine from all regions of the world, provided that the wine is in good condition and that we can value it based on our database of world wide wine values. We are typically offered wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, California, Australia and South America, and we purchase wines from each of those regions.

How long will it take for me to sell my wine collection?
The time it takes to evaluate your cellar and to formulate an offer to buy your wine collection depends on size of your cellar and the diversity of your collection. In nearly all cases we can value your cellar and make an offer to you to buy your wine collection within 24 hours. You can sell your wine collection and collect cash immediately.

How long will it take for you to buy my wine collection from the time I contact you to the time I am paid?
Depending on where you are located and your availability to give us access to the wine, we can sell your wine collection within a day or two from the time you contact us. Larger cellars usually take slightly more time in order to organize the logistics of inspection and shipment. In all cases, our objective is to work with you and your schedule to buy your wine collection on your timetable in the most convenient way for you.
We have completed a number of purchases – from initial call to collection and payment – within 24 hours!

How will I be paid?
When yo sell your wine collection, we pay by cashiers check, bank transfer or cash, depending on whether we pick up your wine or your wine is shipped to us.

What is the minimum and maximum size purchase you will make?
There is no maximum limit on the amount of money we will pay to buy your wine collection, and we have been involved in the purchase of wine cellars exceeding a million dollars. Depending on the wine, we will make purchases as small as a single bottle of wine.

How do you value my wine?
We maintain a database of wine purchases, auction results, retail prices and wholesale prices of wines from all major wine regions around the world. Our valuation of your wine is based on information from this database. Wine type, estate or chateau, vintage, current market prices, current market dynamics, and the condition of your wine collection are each factors examined in placing a value on your wine collection.

What is your shipping process?
In cases where we do not come directly to you to collect the wine, we will send you shipping materials and pay for all expenses of shipping provided the amount paid to you is over $2,000. Where the amount is under $2,000, we ask that you obtain packaging and ship the wine directly to us.

How can you tell if wine is in good condition?
Wine is generally in good condition if it has been properly stored, the fill level of the bottle (how far the wine fills the neck of the bottle near the cork) is high, there are no signs of seepage of wine from the cork, the capsule (foil around the cork) is not destroyed or torn. Our wine consultants can examine your wine to tell whether it is in good condition.

Will you buy wine if the labels are stained or torn?
Yes, we will buy wine with stained or torn labels, provided the wine is otherwise in good condition.

I want to Sell my Wine Collection, but I don't have an inventory list — what should I do next?
If you don't have an inventory list, and you want to sell your wine collection, simply call us at (845) 475-4093 and we can work with you to figure out the most sensible way to create an inventory list. If necessary, we will come to you and inventory the wine if that makes sense.

I want to Sell my Wine Collection, and I have an inventory list — what should I do next?
Simply email your inventory list to us by attaching it to our intake form. If you are having any difficulties sending us the list, feel free to call us, or chat with us.

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