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Sell Your Wine

Veritas Wine Buyers has three simple goals in working with you when we buy your wine collection. First, provide you with the highest possible payment for your wine. Second, conduct the simplest, least time consuming process for the purchase of your wine. Third, complete the purchase of your wine as quickly as possible to provide you with immediate payment for your wine.

We pride ourselves on transparency and fair dealing when you sell your wine. We will provide you with a detailed valuation of every bottle when you sell your wine to us, and we will explain our valuation methodology for every bottle of wine we purchase. We are happy to discuss with you how we appraise your wine cellar and why our offer to you is fair and reasonable. We urge you to compare our offer when you sell your wine to what is offered by our competitors. We believe you will conclude that we provide the highest prices paid for your wine.

Our Wine Buying Process — 3 Simple Steps

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Valuation and Offer
Send us an inventory of your wine using our contact form.
Within 24 hours of receiving your inventory, we will send you an appraisal/valuation of your wine collection, with a firm offer to purchase your wine when we send you the appraisal. Our appraisal will be performed using information contained in our database of wine purchases, recent auction results and nationally available retail and wholesale prices for the same or similar wines. In most cases, our offer to purchase your wine will be made to you on the same day we obtain your inventory list.
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Pick-Up or Shipment
Whenever possible, we seek to collect your wine by sending a wine consultant to pick up the wine directly from you. Where the wine collection is smaller or is located in a region where we do not have a wine consultant, we may arrange with you to ship us your wine at our cost, or to have a third party pick up the wine at our cost.
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We can buy your wine wherever you are in the United States.
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We make payment immediately upon collection of your wine. In the case of a direct pick up, we make payment to you in immediately available funds at the time of pick up. In the case of a shipment to us, we make payment to you by wire transfer or by cashiers check upon receipt and inspection of your wine.

We can buy your wine wherever you are in the United States. There are no fees for our service and we will strive to provide you with the easiest, most convenient wine selling process possible. Contact us today to obtain a valuation and an offer to purchase your wine.

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