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What We Buy

We Buy Wines from Every Region in the World. We buy wine from all regions of the world, provided that the wine is in good condition and that we can value it based on our database of world wide wine values. We are typically offered wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, California, Australia and South America, and we purchase wines from each of those regions.

We Buy Entire Wine Collections — We Do Not Cherry Pick. Unlike most of our competitors who cherry pick through your wine collection to purchase only a limited number of the best bottles, we will value your entire collection and purchase every bottle of wine that you want to sell.

We Place No Limits On the Size or Expenditure of Collections We Purchase. We have been involved in the purchase of collections where the value of the collection exceeded a million dollars. Veritas Wine Buyers represents collectors and wine merchants throughout the United States as well as internationally and we have virtually unlimited resources for the purchase of large wine collections. Depending on the wine, we will also make purchases as small as a single bottle of wine.

Major Wine Regions Represented in Wines That We Purchase Veritas buys wine from all around the world. Sell my wine. Sell fine wine. Sell my wine collection.

Our clients include individuals, collectors, retailers, restauranteurs, brokers and exporters. Contact us today to obtain a valuation and an offer to purchase your wine.

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