Where can I sell my wine


I was selling my uncle's wine collection after he passed away. Mark valued my wine by looking at pictures of the bottles I emailed to him. He created an inventory list for me, and he provided a valuation of each bottle of wine in the inventory. His price was 35% higher than the next competing price and he collected the wine and paid me immediately — the entire process to payment took less than 24 hours. Incredibly fast and fair.
Elrun R.

Mark bought nearly $50,000 of wine from me. He was very fair, thorough and efficient. He noticed that one wine I had on my inventory was from a different vintage than the wine in my cellar – and noting that the wine in my cellar was from a better vintage, he increased his price on the spot and paid me an extra $600 for the wine. He could not have been more honest or transparent in working with me.
Peter T.

Mark is a problem solver. When I had to liquidate more than 1,000 bottles as part of an estate, he inventoried the cellar, valued it, paid for it in cash – and removed it – within 5 days of our first contact. He did not cherry pick through the bottles, he bought every bottle in the cellar. Honest, fair and fast!
Rajay B.